LibreOffice Calc to PDF

Since I’m working on Ubuntu to run Contiki, it’s a pain to keep on going to Excels to plot some graphs (I’m more familiar with Excels)

but still, that’s just an excuse

LibreOffice Calc is pretty similar to Excels (or maybe because I’m not doing anything complicated)

One of the annoying not-knowing-how is when converting the graphs to PDF format; how to make the graph fit in the page

Format > File
I usually use landscape rather than portrait (the orientation)

then, go to
File > Page Preview
Adjust the scaling factor so that the graph fits nicely in one page

That should do the trick 😉


Ubuntu error: Wireless is disabled by hardware switch

out of nowhere I suddenly lost my wireless connection
not sure what went wrong, I got this error Wireless is disabled by hardware switch

fix it?
rfkill unblock all

or you can try just unblocking wifi instead of all
sudo rfkill unblock wifi