I was looking for Wifi analyser and too bad I couldn’t find any in the app store
Apple removed those stuffs

Since I don’t own any Android device, I had to go with installing something into my laptop
I wanted to find out which channels are free and which are being used by Wifi around me (and who use it)
of course I could find it using the Spectrum Analyser but it doesn’t tell me who

A bit of googling around, LinSSID seems to do the trick

It provides all that I need. Yay me! 😛


Flash Drive from 32Gb became 2Gb

For one reason to another, I always install Ubuntu on the external hard disk.
Recently (not quite recent, end of last year), I got a 32Gb flash drive (by Integral). It’s so tiny, so good that I don’t need to bring cables or whatnot
Makes travelling back and forth to uni easier!

The downside of it? It’s a bit slow and hangs a bit now and then. It’s USB 2.0 anyway

Earlier this week, it decided not to run Ubuntu properly, heck, I can’t even get into it! So, as usual, reformatting it
Even though a lot of people are saying not to use wubi, I still do since that’s the only way I could install and get Ubuntu to work (of course I tried booting from USB and DVD, wouldn’t work)

Installing through wubi is straight forward

Anyway, the problem I had was my flash drive suddenly showed 2Gb instead of it’s 32Gb after reformating! Did I bought a fake flash drive? No way since if that is the case, Ubuntu is going to hang much worse. And I got it from Argos! (there’s no warranty as well urghhh!)

So the problem? The flash drive actually has 3 partitions; where only 2Gb is active and available
To check it, in Windows, right click computer > manage > storage > disk management

Unfortunately, there is no way to merge the partitions (even after I have cleared the contents) in Windows
A 3rd party software is needed, and I came across EaseUS Partition Master 9.3.0
since it’s free, it will try to install all other rubbish
but it does the work perfectly 😉

and here I am, back with my 32Gb flash drive and had reinstall Ubuntu for the trillionth times!