Kodak ESP3.2

Being a Windows user for as long as I remember, I had a hard time trying to install the printer driver on my laptop! I recently removed Windows and run totally in Ubuntu
and from what I read, Kodak is so not Linux friendly!

after a bit of googling, I found the solution! woot!

1. Download the printer driver printer driver.deb


1. Download at cup driver
2. Follow the instruction in INSTALL file;
sudo apt-get build-essential cups libcups2-dev libcupsimage2-dev libcupsdriver1-dev
3. Go to the folder, adila@adila:~/Desktop/c2esp-27$
4. Do:
sudo make install
5. Installing done! Now create the printer
search printer or how ever else you do menu: System/Administration/Printing
6. Add printer. Make sure your printer in switched on. It should detect it. Choose the PPD of the printer model and it should be straight forward. (It should detect the address and port number which I didn’t change)

If there’s any error or whatnot, make sure step 2 is done correctly. It might missed one of those.


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