Make changes to SensorTag

1. Cloud
2. Code Composer Studio – debug, then make sure to click Resume otherwise, it won’t be detected on the SensorTag app on the phone

Also, the example to change the name etc; the file has changed location to SensorTag>Application>SensorTag.c

// Device information parameters
static const uint8_t devInfoModelNumber[] = "Adila SensorTag";
static const uint8_t devInfoNA[] = "N.A.";
static const uint8_t devInfoFirmwareRev[] = FW_VERSION_STR;
static const uint8_t devInfoMfrName[] = "Texas Instruments";
static const uint8_t devInfoHardwareRev[] = "PCB 1.2/1.3";

for Cloud, need to install
1. TI Cloud Agent
2. Modify proxy at where you installed in at C:\Users\noradila\TICloudAgent\util\proxy.js

module.exports.proxy = "DIRECT"


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