Setup CC2650 Sensortag

I had way too much problem getting it to work. Finally it’s working!
I’m using CC2650 sensortag with debugger devPack
Make sure the sensor is being detected in Device Manager otherwise it won’t work
If it is not being detected, check if the LED are light up
If they are, change to other cables – cables that you use to charge the phone might not work (at least that was the problem with mine – 3 of my cables aren’t working with the sensor but work for charging phones)

The one that worked was LOGIK 1.2m micro USB cable (USB A to micro USB) I got it for £19.99 (I think!) from PC World

Here’s the link where I followed how setup

1. Install BLE-STACK2
2. Install Code Composer Studio
Help->CCS App Center> update TI-RTOS for SimpleLink
and TI-ARM compiler

3. Install XDS emulation

Open CCS, select a workspace
File->TI Resource Explorer. On the left panel you should see BLE-Stack for SimpleLink wireless MCUs
If you don’t see it, click Add additional packages and look for it at C:\ti\simplelink\ble_cc26xx_2_01_00_4423 (or where you installed BLE-STACK2 at)
Add that package; go through ble_cc26xx_2_01_00_4423>Projects>ble>SensorTag>CC26xx>CCS and you’ll find SensorTag and SensorTagStack

Import SensorTag and SensorTagStack
Build SensorTagStack

Plug in the sensor and debug

Good to go! 😀


4 thoughts on “Setup CC2650 Sensortag

    • If it can transfer data, it should work. The cable that comes together when you bought powerbank/phones most probably won’t work

      • Thanks, managed to find a lead that works. However, I don’t have BLE-Stack for SimpleLink wireless MCUs in my CCS and it won’t let me add this package anywhere. As well as this my directory seems to be quite different to yours, have they updated it since you wrote this article?

      • Maybe? I haven’t been using it for some time now but I remember having had that problem. Not sure how I did it in the end.
        Try reinstall if it makes any difference?
        Another option is to use the TI cloud tools (

        Otherwise, post the problem up on TI community ( They’re really helpful pointing out what could/might be wrong

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