Compare PDFs

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro, here’s a good alternative:

It’s an online tool; can also be downloaded
It shows the differences separately so you’d need to use something else if you need to combine the changes

I recompared the files from Draftable on PDF Converter Enterprise 7.2 to combine the differences on one file.
PDF Converter Enterprise 7.2 couldn’t match pages and contents so that was annoying. I had to do chapter by chapter with PDF Converter Enterprise, otherwise, it will compare the pages, which obviously would have different contents/chapter
There might be a way/option that I’m not aware of in PDF Converter Enterprise

PDF Converter Enterprise 7.2 is the one my uni is using to create/split/compare/merge/etc PDF


EPS to PDF: BoundingBox not found

adila@adila:~/Desktop/multichannel-RPL/ICC2015/font-experiments$ epstopdf single_channel.pdf
==> Warning: BoundingBox not found

adila@adila:~/Desktop/multichannel-RPL/ICC2015/font-experiments$ epstool --copy --bbox single_channel.eps --output single_channel1.eps
The program 'epstool' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt-get install epstool

adila@adila:~/Desktop/multichannel-RPL/ICC2015/font-experiments$ sudo apt-get install epstool
adila@adila:~/Desktop/multichannel-RPL/ICC2015/font-experiments$ epstool --copy --bbox single_channel.eps --output single_channel1.eps

or simply can do

adila@adila:~/Desktop/multichannel-RPL/ICC2015/font-experiments$ epstopdf multi_channel.eps

the warning shouldn’t appear anymore